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"Lake Elmo Compounding Pharmacy has been providing my Bio-identical custom-made Hormones for over 2 years. I am very happy with the results. I have had little side effects and feel incredible. Lake Elmo Compounding Pharmacy is efficient and knowledgeable and one of a few pharmacies in the area that meet the need for custom made medications."
"I am fortunate to have found a compounding pharmacist in our area for my hormone replacement medication. He does an excellent job for me in a very professional manner at a competitive price."
"As a patient I have so valued the compounded prescriptions I have been able to get here and nowhere else. I have a BHRT cream compounded for me."
"This is the only HRT that ever treated my hot flashes and helped with menopause after trying everything else on the OTC and prescription market. I also have a topical NSAID cream compounded for me that I use for my plantar fasciitis."
From a clinical psychologist

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